Mother Mother - Get Out the Way
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get out the way // mother mother

there’s spit on my face
the hot breath of the human race
and i know, i know, i’m supposed to integrate
but how’s about instead i inch away?


GF: Hey babe come over

Me: I can’t I’m going down West Hall

GF: I’m the security guard at Freddy’s.

Me: image

Tomoya Ohtahni - Bang! Bang! Big Hornes Explosion! (boss theme)
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love this (and honestly the whole billy hatcher ost is great)


Psychedelic Afternoon by David Byrne and Ryuichi Sakamoto




my favorite hentai dub


Have you ever tried to fuck a box?

Silky has been buggin me to post some drawings sooooo have some work doodles

Brad Breek - Gravity Falls Theme (Made Me Realize)
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Gravity Falls Theme - Full version

Also known as the catchiest damn theme in the universe.

ok but the animation that goes with this is so perfectly synced and yet it’s synced so subtly that i didn’t even notice that every action follows the music for a long time

(but that’s also because i dont notice things)

Silky has been buggin me to post some drawings sooooo have some work doodles







How to be Alone: A video that changed my life.

This is an amazingly inspirational creative piece.

I honestly just want to say thank you for not erasing my text, just to replace it with yours when this video is so special to me. Thank you so much for not doing that. <3 That was so kind of you.

I believe my life may have changed from watching this. It’s a whole new perspective on being alone. I love this

I get so overwhelmed when I see this again and again on my dash and watch the notes grow.

I KNOW THIS WOMAN I’ve met her she lives in my hometown she was our poet laureate for a year 

THIS VIDEO LITERALLY CHANGED MY LIFE and taught me how to embrace my introversion and was my inspiration for going to dinner alone and going to movies alone and traveling alone and it’s still relevant and still challenges me on a daily basis

I’m so glad that so many people get to know Tanya Davis and this incredible piece of art

I rarely ever reblog sometimes more than once, but I’m going to know because I forgot that this existed until it popped back up on my dash and I needed the reminder. We might all need this reminder from time-to-time.


many present for many friend !!

ahhhh liz you showed me this last night and I was excited then but agh this is still too cool. Look at our dog babies being dumb. But all of these look really nice, you’re getting better at animals no matter what you say. Also everything is warm colors and I like it.